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Botanical name:  Zamia vazquezii x Zamia inermis

Common name:  

Description:  This hybrid is a new introduction to horticulture based on a suspected hybrid between the two species that was found at MBC several years ago. The plant was found growing under a clump of Zamia vazquezii and had soft toothed leaflets like a Z. vazquezii but the trunk form and leaflet shape of Zamia inermis. Both species are reproductive at the same time so an atttempt was made to purposefully recreate this putative hybrid. The resulting seeds are highly viable indicating that the two species appear to be genetically compatible. Viability: 80%

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High bidder : cloudforestvapes
Garden: Montgomery Botanical Center
Accession number: 20190229
Date picked: 04-09-2019
Pollination status: Hand Pollinated
Cleaned status: Uncleaned
Quantity : 20
Ends within : closed
# of bids : 17
Starting bid : 10.00 USD
Bid : 43.00 USD
Bid increment : --
Minimum bid : --
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Country United States (33030)
Shipping conditions: Buyer pays shipping and handling expenses , Will NOT ship internationally
Weight:: 0 Pounds 1 Ounces
Payment methods: Paypal
Auction started/starts: May 13, 2019 - 09:00
Auction ends: May 20, 2019 - 09:00
Auction ID: 19421

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